Dr. and Mrs. Turner are a dynamic couple known throughout the Shulamith family, their Cedarhurst community and beyond for their active involvement and commitment to chesed and community.

Dr. Turner is an emergency room physician, dedicating his expertise and professional life to helping others. Mrs. Turner volunteers as the Vice President of the Shulamith Women’s Organization, where she spends countless hours playing a key role planning, spearheading and running programs and various school initiatives. Her commitment to community service extends beyond Shulamith, through her involvement in Kehilas Ahavas Yisroel as a member of the Welcoming Committee and her work for Achiezer stocking the Achiezer Bikur Cholim room at Winthrop Hospital. Dr. and Mrs. Turner are active participants in numerous other community-focused initiatives, demonstrating their focus on making a positive impact within the larger community.

Dr. and Mrs. Turner are proud parents of four daughters, all beloved Shulamith students. The Turners chose Shulamith for their family because of the emphasis placed on nurturing the academic and personal growth of their daughters. They feel deeply connected to Shulamith’s values that embody what it means to be a Bat Yisrael — with an emphasis on Torah education, Eretz Yisrael, and taking responsibility as an active member of Klal Yisrael.

Dr. and Mrs. Turner’s presence in the Cedarhurst community and involvement in Shulamith extends to the heart of the community itself. Through their combined efforts in healthcare, community service, and education, the Turners exemplify the spirit of giving back and making a difference in the lives of those around them. We are grateful beyond words that the Turners have agreed to accept this honor, and are tremendously appreciative of their continued efforts on behalf of Shulamith.

Rabbi Blumstein has been a beloved Mechanech at Shulamith High School for over six years, teaching ChumashNaviParsha and Pirkei Avot. Rabbi Blumstein brings his trademark simcha and enthusiasm for Torah learning into his classroom and the halls of Shulamith High School every day.  We are so fortunate that the Shulamith students have been able to benefit from his Torah knowledge, warmth and joy, and to be able to honor Rabbi Blumstein as Educator of the Year.

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